Check it Out

The app is live on Heroku

The source code is hosted on GitHub

Project Description

Blocitoff was created as part of the Bloc curriculum. It was a very open-ended project with minimal instruction; guidance came in the form of user stories and regular code reviews with my instructor.

An example user story

As a user, I want to sign up for a free account by providing a user name, password and email

Additional plans

This particular project focuses on server-side development techniques. The user stories and requirements prioritize function over form. For simplicity, the original app used very basic Bootstrap styling.

However, as this app serves as a nice test subject, I have been and will continue to update the front-end appearance and functionality. As of 2/2016 Bootstrap has been removed and I’ve started re-writing the views sans-framework.

Process, Technologies & Techniques

Rails, The Interactor design pattern, Continuous Integration with Travis, and Test-Driven Development